Termite Control


  • ​The nspection is the first step in providing a comprehensive solution for termites or other wood destroying organisms. During the inspection process, ECOSKAN will determine the levels and areas of infestation.
  • Each ECOSKAN Inspector is state-licensed and extensively trained in the identification and treatment of wood-destroying pests such as termites.


  • Based upon the findings during the inspection, the ECOSKAN Inspector will provide recommendations to address the wood destroying organisms impacting your property.
  • Since each situation is unique, ECOSKAN does not offer cookie-cutter solutions. The Inspector will consult with you and advise upon the best plan of action.


  • Cultural Management – modification of environment or habitat, moisture & irrigation changes and proper soil grading.
  • Mechanical Management – replacement of infested or damaged wood and elimination of wooden structural supports in contact with soil.
  • Product Based Management – ECOSKAN will use the most appropriate products for each given situation and environment.

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Ecoskan chooses to use Greener Solutions because of our commitment to:

  • The preservation of our environment
  • The reduction in the use of synthetic pesticides
  • The safety of you, your family and animals
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control is gentler on the environment and provides a Greener Solution for your home or business.

    Green Pest Solutions are biodegradable products that break down in the environment more quickly and are labeled for use around people, pets, fish and livestock.


    “I use Ecoskan for quarterly green pest control treatments at my house, and they also took care of a pigeon problem that I had at the front eave of my house. Their prices are very reasonable compared to other companies that I have used in the past, and I love that their product is more eco-friendly and safer for my kids and dog.”

    2015 Carlos G. (Redlands, CA)

    “Last summer I had a spider problem that I was more than uncomfortable with. The final straw was when my daughter refused to sleep in her room for fear of getting a spider bite. Ecoskan not only came out and handled the problem but Sam also cleaned up webs and areas where the spiders made their home.”

    2014 Brandee W. (Murrieta, CA)