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Based in San Bernardino, Calif., ECOSKAN provides termite and pest control services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. The name ECOSKAN is a combination of “eco” (short for ecology), promoting the company’s use of environmentally friendly and sustainable products, and the term “SKAN,” an acronym used in the family’s corporate business (SKAN Enterprises) that also promotes ECOSKAN’s use of technology for the advancement of customer-centric services.

ECOSKAN uses a consultative approach whereby the company will work with a provider to identify deficiencies in a program and develop an acceptable solution. If the current provider cannot meet the client’s needs, ECOSKAN will either assist in finding a new pest control company for the client, or take over the program themselves if it is a good fit for both parties. Tutton says the objective is not to steal clients from other PCOs, but to make sure both parties are satisfied with the services provided. “By performing a comprehensive inspection at sites that may be experiencing continued pest problems, ECOSKAN can deliver an objective report to the client to review with their existing PCO,” he said. “We will use the photo documentation along with computer generated reports to detail deficiencies in the current program and then supply recommendations for improvement.”

Tutton’s involvement in the pest control industry includes stints positions with both Orkin and Terminix, where he ran operations that averaged $3 to $5 million in annual revenues. He then took a break from the pest control industry to work for wife Heather’s family business, Inland Cash Register, a Sharp cash register dealer that has expanded into technology development. The couple has grown that business by building strategic partnerships with various technology companies — a model they are transferring to the pest control industry.

“While working on these projects for ICR, I realized there was an opportunity in the pest control industry to launch a similar business model,” Tutton said. “Instead of directly competing against the large regional and national companies, my goal is work with them when requested by a client to find a solution agreeable to both parties.” prednisolone syrup color

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