Ecoskan Enterprises

The name ECOSKAN is a combination of “eco” (short for ecology), promoting the company’s use of environmentally friendly and sustainable products, and the term “SKAN,” an acronym used in the family’s corporate business (SKAN Enterprises) that also promotes ECOSKAN’s use of technology for the advancement of customer-centric services.

Greener Solutions for a Cleaner Environment

Commercial Audit Services

Utilizing our consultative approach with commercial and industrial businesses, Ecoskan works directly with your team and vendors to develop a more comprehensive and satisfactory pest management program. The inspection process will include aspects of facilities maintenance that contribute to a pest free environment. We can assist your team in understanding the importance of pest control in regards to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and third party auditing agencies. If your current provider cannot meet your expectations, then we well provide options to train the existing vendor or help you find a new vendor

Commercial auditing services in Nevada & California.

Consultation Services

Create and implement customized Integrated Pest Management programs
Solve existing pest problems and provide sustainable solutions
Provide training on effective pest control methods to pest control companies and QA Managers
Support and consult with Food Safety Inspectors and Public Health Workers
Provide pest management guidelines for construction projects and for long term urban planning
Advise government bodies on eco-friendly pest control regulations and control measures
Assist in preparing public health awareness campaigns
Advise on current research in the field of sustainable pest control methods
Create technical training programs for pest-control companies